the ceiling in my mom’s room just fell in on my brother, this situation is just getting worse pls if you can donate /anything/ or commission off art for donations PLS HELP bc this is getting really really dangerous im so scared someone is gonna get SERIOUSLY hurt

go here, read that and there are ways you can donate to me or if you’re interested in offering commissions for donations e-mail me or message me here on tumblr or on skype @ kelsificationnn


hey guys,

my grandmother is in the hospital - i don’t really know anything about what’s going on because i’ve been super sick and in bed all myself but i do know it’s pretty serious. my brother, who i think is just as clueless as i am?, said she had some sort of surgery for a blood clot.

my mom is really upset right now and seeing as she’s been posting stuff about it on facebook (something she doesn’t normally do because she doesnt’ really know how so it takes her a lot of work) about how my grandmother isn’t doing well and she’s asking a lot of people to prayer for her i’m gonna assume that things aren’t looking so good.

i know some people here on tumblr aren’t religious and there’s nothing that money can do right now. but if you are religious, it’d be awesome if you could say a prayer for my grandmother and my mother tonight. if not, then it’d be great if you can just..i don’t know..keep them in your thoughts? that’d mean an awful lot

if you feel inclined to say anything to my mom to maybe cheer her up or anything you can send messages to me or my brother, i don’t think he’ll mind, and we’ll show them to her and respond for her.